The Evolution Story

The Story of Our Inventor

Dale Perry - Creator and Designer of the original Grave Digger Broadhead

I started hunting at a young age, around 12, with my grandfather and uncle. I spent as many summers as I could helping out at my uncle’s archery shop. I learned everything there was to learn about archery. I was like a sponge; I just couldn’t get enough.

As a passionate bowhunter, I was determined to hunt with the best equipment. The problem was that no product out there fit my definition of “the best”. With almost every necessary product I would purchase, I would find myself making changes to it to fit my needs. For me, this seemed to be the case with anything from work to recreation. If I saw something that could be improved upon, I would change it. When my friends and family would see my re-creation, they too wanted me to make the same for them. The desire for better hunting and outdoor products inspires me to manufacture based on consumer wants and needs. Since it is my natural habit to improve products by incorporating consumer needs, I decided to turn my hobby into a business. This business is now called Evolution Outdoors.

The Evolution of Jekyll & Hyde

After inventing the original GraveDigger Broadhead, I had to be innovative and creative in order to compete with myself when designing JEKYLL & HYDE. A great product always provides a solution to a problem. One obstacle many hunters face, especially when traveling to hunt, is that each state has their own broadhead regulations. I thought it would be helpful if a bowhunter could easily convert their mechanical broadhead to a fixed in a matter of seconds. This eliminates the need to shoot different broadheads in different states. With that in mind, I developed the first of its kind, patent-pending, interchangeable ferrule; allowing the hunter to choose a fixed or mechanical setup based on their hunt. During development and extensive testing, I found that the arrow mechanics and flight pattern did not change between the two configurations.

Using today’s technology, I was able to create a better, patented blade locking system that ensures consistent deployment every time. With that, the HYDE was born.  Knowing I had the pleasure of designing a fixed blade broadhead as well, I add a second one-inch fixed blade creating atypical four blade cut, known as the JEKYLL.  

We are truly committed to produce and stand behind the highest quality products in the world. With our high standards in quality and machining we continue to use our local expert, Nick Fisher, from AAE, in Prescott, Arizona. With Nick’s working knowledge of machining and archery, the quality and workmanship are top notch.

Our processes are evolving as technology changes and our products are tested to the highest standards. We strive to always be at the leading edge in quality, innovation, and customer service.