What is the warranty policy for broadheads?

Evolution Outdoors Broadheads are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship with an original sales receipt to the original purchaser. This does not cover “normal wear and tear.” Nor does it cover non-durable parts, which include all broadhead blades. Blades normally require replacement and are specifically excluded from the warranty. Due to the nature of the intended use of a broadhead, Evolution Outdoors can only warranty our broadheads against damages caused exclusively by factory defects and workmanship.

Evolution Outdoors is not responsible for any incidental damages to any other piece of equipment the broadhead may come in contact with. Evolution Outdoors cannot be held liable for any damages or injuries to property, equipment or person that is caused by the improper use of this product.

Evolution Outdoors reserves the right to limit or refuse the return. Used merchandise may be refused. Free goods, received as part of promotional offers or a sale are not eligible for exchange or return.

See our “How to Return an Item” under the Return Policy Link. You will need to contact Evolution  Outdoors prior to returning any merchandise for warranty or defective consideration. If you have any questions about our warranty please email us at support@evolutionoutdoors.com.