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Select your collar size for your glue-in heads based on the OD of your arrows. 
Available in 10G Aluminum or 30G 416 Stainless Steel


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Glue-In Collars Q&A

Why do I need collars?

The collars are there to strengthen the arrow. They have no bearing on concentricity of the arrow/broadhead combo.

What is the OD of the collar?

Collar OD is approximately .301, slight variations based on machine tolerance.

Glue-In Broadheads and Field Points are designed to be flush to the OD of the collar.

How do I choose the correct collar size?

Choose the size up from the OD of your arrow spec.

Note that any gaps over the OD spec of the arrow will be filled with glue. FYI a human hair measures .003.

Is there a strength benefit with steel verses aluminum?

Based on design and collar location, there is no added strength between 10g aluminum and 30g steel. It is purely a weight difference.