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Evolution Outdoors

IBEX - Brass

IBEX - Brass

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In an industry overwhelming with “that’s already been done” and “that can’t be improved”, it becomes increasingly more difficult to address, “What are you doing that’s NEW?”. It is our mindset that with well thought out and innovative products, we can answer just that.

Introducing, the NEW Ibex Release from Evolution Outdoors, with a completely new concept in hinge-style releases. (Multiple Patents Pending)

Upon researching how archers shoot releases we found an unintentional, yet common, form in which archers tend to rotate a hinge release in their hand to get it to “click”. Turning a standard hinge in your hand pulls the head of the release away from the original anchor point, thus changing the anchor point which subsequently moves the impact point of the arrow.

Using a proper pull through technique doesn’t cause the head of the release to move creating more consistent shooting. Unfortunately, only approximately 10% of archers use a proper pull through method. This is how the concept of the Ibex Release was born. We created a hinge release that pivots in the handle (not the head) thus allowing the handle to swivel in your hand while allowing the neck and head to stay in the original anchor position for more consistent shooting. The Ibex Release has the same impact point whether shot with the proper pull through method or the more widely used swivel method because the neck and head stay consistent throughout the shot. The NEW Ibex Release stands alone as a state-of-the-art concept in releases.


    The Ibex release was intentionally designed with a tactile feel, unlike other releases that produce a click sound. Instead of a loud click when the hook drops off the shelf, the Ibex features a vibration at the shelf. This unique design allows archers to reset their shot process or let down by going back over the shelf. The vibration feature helps avoid unnecessary noise and panic when hunters are close to animals.


    Measure across your index finger at the widest part. 

    • Under 1" Small/Medium
    • Over 1" Medium/Large
    • Brass 4.5 oz 


    • Thumb tab & peg (attachable)
    • Lanyard tab (attachable)
    • EVA Case
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    IBEX Q & A

    Hot & Cold related to Hand positioning.

    View VIDEO

    What is the proper draw technique?

    Please see our VIDEO.

    How do I adjust the seers?

    See VIDEO

    Can the Ibex be shot without the click?

    Yes, if you line up the sears you can eliminate the click.

    Is the ring finger adjustable?

    Yes, the ring finger has three pre-set positions.